Compliance Officer Certificate (CPCO®) Online Course & Exam Prep

$ 1,299.00

Compliance Officer Certificate (CPCO®) Online Course & Exam Prep

Course Cost: $1299.00

(Monthly Payments Available)

Taught online by Mrs. Ortega, this course comes with a study guide and 3 months access.

Official Compliance Officer knowledge is required by AAPC® in order to pass the certification test.

This “to the point” and “no fluff” exam prep guide contains a unique comprehension of the

regulation, mechanism and workflow knowledge you will need to enter the industry as a

Certified Professional Compliance Officer


Upon completing the exam prep study guide, continue your momentum and sit

for the national certification exam!

This is where you’ll put all your new skills to the test and pass the CPCO® exam.

Get ready to take a bow!


Here’s what you will learn:
·       Compliance Program History

·       Compliance Officer Roles

·       Compliance Employee Training

·       OIG Compliance Program

·       Fraud & Abuse

·       Developing Policies

·       Communications

·       Ongoing Monitoring

·       Risks and Breaches

·       Federal Regulations & Law

·       Billing and Revenue Cycle

·       HHS

·       OSHA

·       JCAHO

·       HIPAA

·       Compliance Risks

·       Key and Other Risk Areas

·       Fraud & Abuse law

·       Federal Regulations & Law

·       Investigations

·       Medicare Administrative Contractors

·       Work Culture

·       Risk Reduction

·       Policy Organization

·       Policy Writing

·       Policy Effectiveness


What does the CPCO® do?

The Certified Professional Compliance Officer oversees, coordinates and ensures all the elements of the Corporate Compliance Programs are followed and maintained effectively. With their extensive knowledge of healthcare administration and knowledge of applicable compliance policies, this professional will often coordinate, develop and maintain policies for the entity.  The CPCO® professional will also have an extensive knowledge of laws, and regulations in order to collaborate with the workflow of the certified professional medical auditors. Additionally, this professional understands the high importance of tracking and logging of scores in order to organize detailed sensitive data mining related to compliance initiatives.

With an average income of over $81,000 the CPCO® this top-ranking professional is a highly esteemed asset as this person remains in a constant mission to protect the entity.

You’ll get a tenfold Return of Investment on this Certification!

Indeed, MCA® is at your service.


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