Medical Coding Hospital Outpatient Certificate (COC®) Online Course & Exam Prep

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Medical Coding Hospital Outpatient Certificate (COC®) Online Course & Exam Prep

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Taught online by Mrs. Ortega, this course comes with a study guide and 3 months access.

Official Medical Facility Coding Guideline Knowledge is required by AAPC® in order to pass the certification test.

   This “to the point” and “no fluff” this exam prep guide contains a unique comprehension of the Hospital,

Outpatient Facility and Ambulatory Surgical Center Guidelines you will need to enter the industry as an 

Outpatient Facility Coder


Upon completing the exam prep study guide, continue your momentum and sit for the national certification test!

This is where you’ll put all your new skills to the test and pass the COC® exam.

Get ready to take a bow!


Here’s what you will learn:
·       Modifiers (Physician & Facility) – EXTENSIVE

·       Operative Reports – EXTENSIVE

·       SOAP

·       UB04

·       Coding Concepts

·       Compliance

·       ASC Concepts

·       OPPS Facility Compliance

·       Payment Methodologies

·       Surgical Coding in the facility

·       CPT – Anesthesia

·       CPT – Radiology Laboratory

·       CPT – Pathology

·       CPT – Medicine

·       Surgery – Integumentary

·       Surgery – Musculoskeletal

·       Surgery- Respiratory, Cardiology, M&D, H&L

·       Surgery – Digestive

·       Surgery – Urinary, Male, Female

·       Surgery – Endocrine, Nervous, Eye, Ear

·       ICD-CM Guidelines (Outpatient Based)

·       HCPCS Level II

·       Medical Terminology

·       Anatomy & Physiology



What does the COC® do?

 The Outpatient Facility Coder employed at the Emergency Room, Ambulatory Surgical Center and Outpatient Wing of the Hospital understands the intricacies of the operative report at an advanced level.  This professional will know the facility coding guidelines and have an avid knowledge of strong modifier usage.  The COC®  will code all facility outpatient diagnoses and procedural occurrences, through the review of clinical documentation and diagnostic results. The COC® will accurately abstract data into the electronic medical record systems, verifying accurate patient dispositions and physician data, following the Official ICD-CM Guidelines for Coding and Reporting and CPT Guidelines.

With an average income of about $65,028 the COC also works to resolve charging issues, denials, physician documentation clarifications in order to ensure accurate billing and reduce denials.  With proficiency in compliance and facility regulations and reimbursement, the COC® works collaboratively with various departments to include admitting, charging and patient financial services.

You’ll get a tenfold Return of Investment on this Certification!

Indeed, MCA is at your service.


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