Medical Coding Manager Certificate (CPPM®) Course & Exam Prep

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Medical Coding Manager Certificate (CPPM®) Online Course & Exam Prep

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Taught online by Mrs. Ortega, this course comes with a study guide and 3 months access.

Expert Operational and Leadership knowledge is required by AAPC® in order to pass the certification test.

This “to the point” and “no fluff” exam prep guide contains a unique comprehension of the

Extensive business workflow knowledge and human psychology you will need to enter the industry as a

Certified Professional Practice Manager


Upon completing the exam prep study guide, continue your momentum and sit for

 the national certification exam!

This is where you’ll put all your new skills to the test and pass the CPPM® exam.

Get ready to take a bow!

Here’s what you will learn:
·       Leadership I

·       Accreditation Knowledge

·       Work Culture

·       Human Psychology

·       Communication

·       Employee Mentorship

·       Staff Presentations

·       Staff Evaluation

·       Payer Policies

·       Healthcare Business Processes

·       Corporate Compliance


·       Quality Initiatives

·       Medical Office Accounting

·       Record Keeping

·       Physician Reimbursement

·       Revenue Cycle Management

·       Human Resource Management

·       Compliance Regulations

·       HIPAA & Data Security

·       Health Information Technology

·       Electronic Health Records

·       Health information Exchange

What does the CPPM® do?

The Certified Professional Practice Manager oversees and coordinates all departments of the entity by using their extensive knowledge in operations relating to accreditations, financial management, quality assurance, compliance, human resources, revenue cycle, clinical quality and workflow optimization.  The CPPM® relies heavily on their integrity and sound judgment in order to ensure efficiency and growth.   This professional establishes and maintains effective quality control standards in order to deliver high quality patient care and grow the entity.   The person in this key leadership role will provide the fundamental personal and professional growth mentorship to staff in order to foster environments of openness, trust and highly effective teamwork.  The CPPM® will deliver vital input and recommendations as to the number and types of staff and other resources required to meet and exceed the expectations of the providers.  Responsible for their multifaceted talents and skills, this expert is heavily relied upon and prized by all.

With the average income of over $70,000, the highly meaningful and fulfilling contributions of the CPPM® will form a legacy in the success of the entity and in the hearts of all those who follow their prominent and respected leader.

You’ll get a tenfold Return of Investment on this Certification!

Indeed, MCA® is at your service.




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