Medical Risk Adjuster Certificate (CRC®) Online Course & Exam Prep

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Medical Risk Adjustment Coder Certificate (CRC®) Online Course & Exam Prep

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Taught online by Mrs. Ortega, this course comes with a study guide and 3 months access.

Extensive Risk Adjustment knowledge is required by AAPC® in order to pass the certification test.

This “to the point” and “no fluff” exam prep guide contains a

unique comprehension of the Risk Coder rules and guidelines

you will need to enter the industry as a

Certified Risk Coder

 Upon completing the exam prep study guide, continue your momentum and sit for the national certification exam!

This is where you’ll put all your new skills to the test and pass the CRC® exam.

Get ready to take a bow!

Here’s what you will learn:
·       ICD-CM Guidelines (Physician & Facility)

·       ICD-CM Diagnosis Coding

·       ICD-CM Guidelines

·       Coding Clinic

·       Prescription Medications

·       Risk Adjustment Scoring

·       Risk Adjustment Models

·       Data Validation

·       Coding Case Data

·       Patient Health Risk Profile

·       HCC and RxHCC

·       Diagnosis Accuracy and Specificity

·       Documentation Improvement


·       Risk Scores

·       Comorbidities

·       Problem List Coding

·       Medication List Coding

·       HEDIS Data Capture

·       RADV / RAF Financial Planning

·       Quality Measures

·       Diagnosis Management

·       Disease Management

·       Medical Terminology

·       Pathophysiology

·       Compliance

·       Medicare Advantage

What does the CRC® do?

The Certified Risk Coder typically works remotely and is employed at Health Plans and Physician Network settings. The CRC® understands the high importance of reporting chronic diagnosis at an advanced level.  The CRC® professional is an invaluable resource in the process capturing ICD-CM codes that map to HCCs, RxHCCs and many other models.  This professional will perform retroactive and prospective reviews on medical records in order to identify, assess, monitor and capture all clinically appropriate risk adjusting conditions for quality metrics.

This professional will also ensure that all physician documentation meets the CMS® standard requirements for each valid submission.

With an average income of over $62,000 the CRC® communicates effectively and collaborates with a variety of internal and external clients, including health care executives, physicians, provider office personnel, and payer representatives from various health plans in order to streamline and optimize accurate diagnosis code capture.  The pathways for this expert are endless.

You’ll get a tenfold Return of Investment on this Certification!

Indeed, MCA® is at your service.


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