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Medical Coding Academy™ breaks the mold with extraordinary innovation once again! The MCA® team has found an ingenious way to transport Mrs. Ortega’s invaluable teachings directly to you for an “at home” study adventure.  Experience the most captivating and simplified learning methods to ever to hit the industry. Delve into an alluring colorful world where Mrs. Ortega unleashes her treasured trade secrets in this prized study at home Go To Coder® Series. This Medical Coding and Exam Prep Kit uncovers the 5 critical Steps to mastering the medical coding guidelines and passing the national board exam on the first try!


  • Step 1 – Tabbing System for speedy navigation
  • Step 2 – Color Coding Chart for emphasis on the keywords and accurate code selection
  • Step 3 – 350 Practice Medical Coding Cases for skill set progression
  • Step 4 – A 4-part Flashcard set to deliver stellar results on Medical Terminology, Medical Abbreviations, Medications, and Modifiers
  • Step 5 – Dominate the Mock Exam and schedule your certification exam with assurance
Throughout the kit, you will view mini video tutorials that will help guide you in completing each step. Upon completion of the program, each student will receive an honorary digital certificate of completion.


VIP voucher of $100 is included in the kit to experience the 3-day course at the headquarters in Dallas, TX or in a city near you. The voucher offer is non-transferable. It can only be redeemed by the student who purchased the kit and must be used in the calendar year of 2019.


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All materials included in the kit are proprietary and owned by Medical Coding Academy and protected under the federal trademark and copyright laws. It is prohibited by law to copy, take pictures any of the materials within the kit.  It is prohibited by law to post any materials included within the kit to any and all social media mediums.  Offenders will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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When will I receive the medical coding exam prep kit?

The first consumers to receive the kits will be those who purchased during the promotional period.  The promotional period sales will ship on February 28th, 2019. All consumers after February 28th can expect their kits within 5 to 7 business days from the date of purchase.  Non-USA orders will arrive according to your country's shipping standards.

Does the exam prep kit include tutorial videos?

Yes! There are mini video tutorials to guide you through each of the 5 steps required for completing the program.  The videos will guide the student step by step on the strategy of landing your answers in less than 30 seconds for the most complex concepts that are tested on national certification exams:



Surgery Integumentary 

Surgery Musculoskeletal 

Surgery Cardiovascular

Surgery Digestive

Surgery Urinary

Surgery Nervous 

Surgery Eye 

Surgery Ear


Pathology & Laboratory Medicine



Which certification credentials will this prep kit help prepare me for?

The main credentials this prep kit is designed for are the CPC and CCS-P. However, it will be of extensive but not all-inclusive help for the COC, CCA, and CCS.  The ICD-10 portion of the prep kit will be of extensive but not inclusive for the CRC.  Medical Coding Academy offers 1 Day ALL INCLUSIVE Exam prep courses in the classroom.  See the home page for details. Note: Always check with your certification organization for the latest policy on book requirements and testing.

How long will the Medical Coding Exam Prep Kit take to complete?

Included in the kit are customized program plans with a variation of goal completion time frames. These time frames consist of:

4 Weeks

6 Weeks 

8 Weeks

Is the Mock Exam Prep Kit timed?

Yes! We encourage our students to set a timer for the amount of time predetermined by the exam credentialing organizations.  

How do I schedule my test?

Please call or visit the certification credentialing organization of your preference.  For help on making a decision as to which test to take please subscribe to the Medical Coding Academy YouTube channel for to watch videos on this specific topic.  

How do I get the digital certificate?

Once you have completed the program upload scan your scantron and send it to Shortly after you will receive a digital certificate to display on your linked in profile or you can print it on your own for your portfolio.

Who can I contact if I need help on the coding cases?

Assistance is available by e-mail at

Which medical coding books do you recommend I purchase?

Upon registering for the 3-day course and/or purchasing the medical coding & exam prep kit, you will receive an email with an embedded link to purchase your 3 medical coding books.  Medical Coding Academy took the highest ranked books by our students and negotiated a reduced rate directly with the publisher.