Go To Coders®EM Tables 2

$ 29.00

EM Tables 2


Amazing double-sided SUPER STURDY LAMINATE to help you code using all of the new 2021 E/M changes!  Unlike the grids from the AMA, you can actually see these!  The font size is big, and the color coordination makes the table “oh so user friendly”. You’ll actually look forward to coding E&M now!  Just grab an erasable marker and use these sturdy and gorgeous laminates to code every one of your cases!  You’ll love these full-size 11″ x 8/5″ double-sided E/M tables. The front side presents the 2021 full-size version of the AMA medical decision-making grid that is NOW oh so inviting to the coder with all the simplified language..every coders answered prayer!  On the back, you’ll find the full-size version of ALL of the official definitions by AMA…what a dream!