Go To Coders®Medical Coding Exam Prep Kit

$ 459.00

Go To Coders® Medical Coding Exam Prep Kit

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                                 If you answer YES to any of these questions, then then the Exam Prep Kit is for you!

Do you have basic medical coding knowledge?

Do you struggle knowing which keywords to look for in a case?

Do you need to increase your speed while taking the certification exam? 

Get ready for STANDING OVATION results on your medical coding exam! 


Medical Coding Academy® (MCA®) breaks the mold with extraordinary innovation once again!  Prepare to be captivated by this extraordinary step by step simplified medical coding exam prep kit already proven to raise the bar in the field.  Delve into the alluring colorful world of medical coding and experience the invaluable teachings transported directly to you for an “at home” study adventure.  Mrs. Delissa Ortega shares her most treasured “trade secrets” and takes a superhero approach in preparing you for the medical coding certification exam. The Go To Coders® Exam Prep Kit includes the following 4 learning products.  

 STEP 1 

 The Tabbing System

 To get started you’ll first, for speedy navigation, start by strategically placing all 192 vibrant tabs on your (3) medical coding books.

 STEP 2    

 The Color-Coding Chart

 It’s time to mark up your books with the EXAM BLASTING color coding methods defined in this book.  This is the part where you will prepare your CPT book in order to emphasize key words.


 The (150) Study Cases

 It’s now time to journey through 150 practice cases for skill set progression.   Experience “edge of your seat” learning with vividly explained rationales that bring the medical coding guidelines to life.


 The Mock Exam – IT’S SHOWTIME!

 It’s now time to put your new skills to the test and dominate the experience.  Prepare to “take bow” as you find yourself gliding through the cases with undeniable confidence!

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